Scientific studies, duplicated and verified, prove that unconditional love shared as meditative thought and deeds affect reality. Large groups practising meditation were associated with a significant reduction in U.S. homicide and urban violent crime rates. Reference It is the intention of the PEACE on EARTH Club to encourage as many individuals as possible to recognise that their intentional thoughts have power. Be a part of this pivotal evolutional journey and add your light of love to the combined intentions of all who wish to steer Planet Earth to peace.


Are you tired of bad news?

The problems of the world are like a bottomless pit. Better to find sources of love, spirit, harmony and well-being instead. For once you find the comfort and clarity that good news brings, it assists to process the dysfunctional aspects of this mad world with less emotional impact. It acts like a protective bubble.

Move over Six O’clock News. The Peace on Earth Club will focus on uplifting events, news relating to the greater good of humanity and the planet and all manner of things pertaining to Peace on Earth.

There are now many scientific studies, which have been duplicated and verified, that prove unconditional love shared as meditative thought can affect reality. Visit the PEACE on EARTH Club Facebook page often for thought-provoking posts designed to instil a sense of well-being, hope, joy and love. These emotional frequencies are in high demand. Please bring along your intentions for the highest good of the planet and join the PEACE on EARTH club.

Mark Christian Shaw

What is Orgonite?

If you haven’t already heard of orgonite then I’ll ask you to read on with an open mind.

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It’s not what you think it is!

Does Holy Water really have any benefits?