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‘We will decide who comes to this country’ — the words of John Howard speaking after helpless Afghan refugees were rescued from the Indian Ocean by the bulk carrier Tampa during the election year 2011 and refused refuge at gunpoint. It became the Liberal Party mantra for the election campaign and adopted by xenophobic Australians who quickly embraced it.

Fast forward to Melbourne in the election year of 2022.

Why reinvent the wheel? — With State Premiers and the main stream media already whipping up hysteria regarding the unvaxed, Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s plagiarism of those same words while describing Tennis Star Novak Djokovic’s unvaxed status is an opportunistic grab to elicit support from the vaccination cheer squad. Those who embrace the ever shifting narrative of following the “rules” no matter how awkward, unscientific or unnecessary.

Djokovic’s acceptance of Tennis Australia’s invitation to participate in one of Australian’s most publicised events was a clear win for Tennis Australia who see Novak as the biggest draw card for a successful international event.

As a die hard advertising boffin, Scott Morrison has no qualms about using the fears and phobias of the public. Advertisers have perfected using fear to advertise services for decades. In an effort to rekindle a dying policy of tyrannical mandates disguised as a vaccine health initiatives he undermined his own government’s visa decisions and through Tennis Australia under the bus declaring Djokovic an undesirable to feather his own nest — and that smirk says he knows it’s all a game.

Take note. You are witnessing the unveiling of what many have misnamed tin-foil hat conspiracy theories. The overwhelming evidence has piled high from so many sources in the past months that it is only those who refuse to look that cannot see it.

If you step outside the complicit media and Big Tech’s hypnotic narrative and ‘fact checking’ censorship of front line doctors, nurses, virologists, immunologists and researchers, the evidence is overwhelming. Morrison’s claim that Djokovic presence is unsafe is not upheld by the facts, the data or the science

The vilifying of Novak Djokovic by Scott Morrison, Dan Andrews and the media has widened the chasm they have wedged between Australians and which they themselves may eventually be swallowed along with conspiratorial Liberal, Labor, Greens MPs and media vampires. They know they are playing a game to fool the public — the games is up?


Mark Christian Shaw