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thw word water in white sccript


This film deals with the problems of water exploitation, contamination and manipulation. The documentary points to the realizations and discoveries that water has memory and is conscious. The experiments performed by Dr Emoto prove that water changes when exposed to prayer and intention. Happy, loving thoughts result in different outcomes that vexatious, insulting thoughts. This also translates to the written word. No matter what language the intention is written in, water understands the signature frequency of the message.  

With these things in mind, what data does water carry within its molecular makeup having been a part of this planet’s circulatory system for billions of years? How can we use water to carry good intentions to the rest of the planet? Can water carry healing from one’s intention as in Holy Water?

Perhaps the next time someone is arguing at the table it may be wise to forgo drinking that cup of tea or water soaking up the angry energy. Bless the creek water as it flows past on its way to rivers and oceans and to rain upon your neighbours around the world.


Robert Bezbradica, Mladen Djakovic


Robert Bezbradica, Mladen Djakovic