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“Ok, so we had/have a respiratory virus that was/is killing people, then masks that obstruct breathing, now after a staged event in Minneapolis the whole world is chanting ‘I can’t breathe”.

I give you this..

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. The term is derived from Sanskrit, Prana means breath, respiration, vitality or energy. Ayama means expansion or stretching. Thus, Pranayama connotes extension and control of breath.

Thousands and millions are chanting, “I can’t breathe”.

This negative mantra has been orchestrated. They are controlling your very breathing, and subsequently your ability to breathe.

Mantras are powerful.  By chanting mantras you are programming your subconscious mind to reverberate with the said mantra that is being chanted. since the mantras have a certain level of consciousness , you are vibrating with the consciousness.

You do the rest to piece it together.

I’m off to cleanse my soul from these satanistic rituals that they have everyone all over the world unknowingly doing .

Lightworkers.. We need a mass meditation to reverse this darkness back to light. I CAN Breathe / We CAN Breathe

Original source unknown.