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This is the sign you have been looking forAre you searching for the truth? What is the real truth to our existence and do you believe you know? I think beliefs are just thoughts we think over and over again. Our collection of those thoughts are pieced together to create beliefs based upon various ideas either collected or thought up. We compartmentalise these ideas and fit them together to formulate a coherent hypothesis.  Or try to. Similar information we collect is filtered through those earlier beliefs as either true or false. Everything we believe is based upon our understanding of what we have previously experienced. It’s what I call our reality filter.

Eventually, new information can tip the balance and either a new filter is created along with the new truth or the old foundation of truth, having collapsed, leaves the individual in a state of uncertainty.

We all create our reality, or truth, from a different collection of experiences and perspectives and I choose my reality over yours because I am having my experiences from my perspective, not yours. Some people are interested in how others have pieced facts and events together to create their reality and share their observations. Others either don’t care too much or adopt parental, societal and religious beliefs simply because that’s what everyone did.

As I see it, the concept of a singular truth about a matter is relative to the socialisation, education and events experienced by an individual. Questioning those beliefs and weighing the various options has been something I’ve been doing most of my life.

Therefore, because there are seven and a half billion people on the planet I think there are seven and a half billion variations of reality too — and that’s only from a human perspective.

So I try not to get too triggered over a comment or event that isn’t a direct fit to my perspective on something. Set it aside for later. It may the missing piece to a greater perspective on a matter that needs clarification.

Where people’s perspective of what is the truth becomes an issue is when someone demands others change their behaviour or belief because they have a different perspective. This is religious and political-ideological intolerance. There can be no peace while social rules and taboos infringe on the sovereign rights of an individual’s free will. And while an individual is causing no harm to others their sovereign right to think and be as they wish is what being a being is all about.