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Bend the knee en-masse at this current point in our timeline and you take part in a huge ritual. You show compliance with and give authorisation for and allegiance to a new world order takeover. Symbolism is everything to those who think they are in control and they don’t care if you understand it or not.

Blackout squares and now mass kneeling – this is black magic guys, be very careful before you partake in a mass ritual like this. The only way to honour unity and make a stand against oppression and prejudice is through love, compassion, unity and grace. You do not have to sell your soul to an invisible and unseen dictatorship to do so. Kneel to no one save true self. Show allegiance only to love.

Hold strong to your integrity, your power and your mastery. Now is the time to make the choice. Slavery or empowerment? Fear or love? Will you kneel alone and surrender your power or rise together as one in surrender to the power of love and unity? Will you stand United or fall through division? Choose wisely for your choice will affect you and your descendants for years to come ♥️

Magenta Pixie