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Does intentional thought have power?

In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practising meditation technique would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole planet. This phenomenon was first documented in scientific research in 1976 when it was found that when 1% of a community practised Transcendental Meditation, the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average.
If intentional thought can reduce crime, can intentional thought for peace on Earth affect the military, politicians and those responsible for directing violence on our planet?

Predicted in advance

Excerpt from Transcendental Meditation and More  website

Starting in July 2006, advanced meditators assembled at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, to create a group large enough to have this influence on the U.S. as a whole.

Predictions were lodged with the press and other scientists that significant decreases in violent crime would occur when the group reached or exceeded the theoretically predicted threshold of the square root of 1% of the U.S. population. By January 2007 the group exceeded the required size of 1,725 participants, the square root of 1% of the U.S. population at the time, and remained above or near that level through 2010. […] violent crime rates fell significantly during the severe recession of 2007-2009 rather than rising as widely expected. According to a leading expert on crime and the economy, this was the first time since World War II in which crime rates failed to rise during a major economic downturn. […]

The study, “Societal Violence and Collective Consciousness: Reduction of U.S. Homicide and Urban Violent Crime Rates,” was published in SAGE Open Apr 2016, 6 (2).

Intentions for peace in meditation and prayer

When I consider the study mentioned above, it becomes clear to me that we need more and more individuals to share their intentional thoughts for peace on earth in meditation and prayer. Every person’s thoughts for peace add to the whole. What the study reveals is our own intention has power. So meditate as if the peace is already real. Pray as if you are already enjoying the peace you wish for. If possible try not to worry. When your thoughts turn to worry it is the same as praying for what you do not want. Send love to all on the planet, especially those who are directing the violence, the military, politicians and the like. Sending love and forgiveness to them may soften their hearts so as to turn to peace if they are inclined and forgiving them works in your favour so as to relieve you from the burden of carrying anger and possibly any karmic consequences.

Large combined meditation groups are becoming more popular. Keep an eye out for them and join in. They are regularly advertised and broadcast live worldwide. I’ll advertise them here and on the PEACE on EARTH Club facebook page.

Love to all.

meditation for peace under the tree in the garden

Meditation workshops by Tracey Maree Shaw of Harmony Wellness and Beauty, Picton NSW Australia.
All are welcome. (When Government health regulations are lifted)

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