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Two years ago lockdowns were two weeks to flatten the curve until we needed to lockdown, again and again, masks were not okay until they were, vaccines were going to stop the virus until they didn’t and two shots were needed until we needed three or four. Anyone that mentioned that a laboratory might be the source of the virus was a conspiracy theorist, censored and drummed out of public life until it became more likely that it did.

When it comes to misinformation the mainstream media, social media fact-checkers, politicians, authorities and medical advisers provide the lion’s share of it.

Two years ago I was a conspiracy theorist. Today the theories are running out because the theories have become fact. You might have perceived the past two years differently than me. Here’s how I saw things.

The past two years of COVID interventions has seen what I can only describe as the greatest misdirection, misinformation and deceit campaign the Australian people has ever known. We have witnessed a globalist structure of politicians and corporations fear-mongering and mandating businesses and Australians into unscientific, unsuccessful and futile practices. All the while illegal and unconstitutional regulations and mandates, enforced by fines and imprisonment, have destroyed the livelihood of countless business owners and employees.

Meanwhile, the leaders of business associations, worker’s unions, charities and community groups have, without question, moved lockstep with the globalists and politicians to implement measures that brought our country’s industries and services to a standstill.

And for what?

The facts are these mandates are creating financial ruin, medical injury and psychological damage which far outweighs any possible benefits that they might bring.

chart of covid deathsAccording to John Hopkins Hospital on the 2nd February, Israel, which has the highest COVID19 injected population in the world also has the highest Covid death numbers. Whereas India, whose authorities distributed Ivermectin as a precaution has the lowest per capita along with some African nations who have a history of regular Ivermectin use.

As the injection injuries increased and the psychological damage to the community became evident our indifferent masters continue to face the public and insist the injections are safe and effective. They are neither safe, as the injuries in the VAERs registries indicate, nor effective, as tens of thousands of Australians fall ill with flu-like symptoms they attribute to COVID.

Other countries have removed these draconian measures and one must ask why in the world when the evidence is as clear as it is, do Australia’s politicians maintain this tactic to continue mandates. I can only surmise that the emergency powers of a pandemic allow politicians the convenience to create rules “on the fly” without the inconvenience of being scrutinised.

While small and medium businesses go broke and perfectly healthy workers are coerced to partake in an experimental medical procedure or lose their job the very ones creating the mandates suffer no shortage of salary, travel or detention and the mega-corporations rake in the profits.

The pandemic narrative is wholly rooted in fear. The hypnotic mantra of death and covid cases are repeated hourly on the radio and TV and all talk about the facts are banned. Big tech like Google and the mainstream media has people scared to death. People fear COVID, which incredulously, they know has very low mortality. Nevertheless, hypnotised by a complicit media spewing fear at every opportunity and politicians saying you will die unless you do as we tell you, Australians acquiesce to what has become the greatest transfer of power and wealth the world has ever seen.