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Eg. Homeopathy – giving innate a signal

Here’s what I want to tell you: With this new energy comes a much higher reaction to a certain given consciousness. Your intent and affirmations to change into a more compassionate person can work miracles. Let your body hear it and The Field will hear it. Your intent is energy. The Field is energy. This is physics, and The Field will help this process for you. It’s going to be the wind behind your back and you’re going to find yourself thinking about things differently, looking at others differently, using different words, and changing your habit.

Many are even reporting that they have more energy due to this refreshing change. You’re going to feel your cellular structure healing when it never did before. Sores on your body will heal up faster, did you know that? This is real. Hair will grow faster, nails will grow faster. The reason? Because there is a harmony here that hasn’t been here for a very long time. You are creating a groove for the water that was never there before. How would you like to take everything that I’ve said through the years and finally apply it to your persona so that you become a more compassionate person and slower to anger? All of this is possible because The Field is on your side. Think of it as a magnificent angelic presence that is ready to help you with everything that you’re asking to become – more compassionate, more master-like.

Information from:

The Field – Part 1

The Field – Part 2

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon




Tell your body these things verbally out loud.


Dear Cellular Structure,

I am here for the duration.

Nothing in the past will determine the future for me.

I will last as long as I should.

In all appropriateness, I will decide when its time to go. Not the old template. I am an old soul.

I am in control of the system.


Dear Innate,

Today, I release all inappropriate things that would make me anxious.

Today, I release the frustration keeping me from moving forward;

And move into love.

Today, I release all instructions that are not majestic to my body.

Today, I release anything in my Akash, anything which keeps me

from seeing my Magnificence.

Today, I am done with fear, I am done with drama, I am done with bad health, I am done with Pain and Suffering.


Dear Spirit

“I would like these things. I give permission to activate the energies that need to be activated in my life, to accomplish the purposes I came for. I want to have joy in my life and to find the joy in my full Akash, for I deserve it and I’ve earned it. I’ve had positive, joyful lives, so I want to pull on that energy.” And so it is.


Information from

The Field – Part 1

The Field – Part 2

See also Instructing the Akash

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon