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Clinton and Bush

Would the real news please stand up

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I think it is healthy for people to laugh at themselves and to take criticism. Some of the greatest adversaries in Australian Parliament would enjoy a beer together socially and it was not uncommon to see politicians from both sides of politics join together and vote on a bill that was for the common good. Over the past three decades ideologies have been hijacked by corporations who care little about you or me and manipulate the media and politicians for their own greedy ends. Black has become white and the lies being perpetrated upon the populace are so great in number no one can see the woods for trees.
The main stream media is the manufacturer of more fake news than any social media blogger could ever achieve.
Bill Clinton cartoon

If it wasn’t true it would be funny

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I had to smile at this comment from Ron Hawkster on social media the other day while reading about the US Congress’ attempt to impeach Donald Trump with allegations of collaborating with Russia to win the election.
Isn’t that impeachable?
No. You can lie the country into war (Vietnam and Iraq), you can commit genocide (Vietnam, Iraq, Japan), you can fight other countries wars for them (Saudi Arabia and Israel)… History has proven those are not impeachable. But you can’t have an intern put your organ between her tulips. Why, that’s impeachable.
Bad news paper

What is the PEACE on EARTH Club?

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Are you tired of bad news?

The main stream news sources scour the world to find the most horrifying stories to pipe into our living rooms while ignoring good news stories many of us would love to hear about. It’s not all gloom and doom out there. Do you wrestle with bad news stories throughout the day? Whether you realise it or not doing so taxes your energy. If you’re adding social media to the mix, then the information overload can be overwhelming. This has an effect on your health too.

Turn off the 6 o’clock news and join The Peace on Earth Club. Here we will focus on uplifting events and news relating to the greater good of humanity and the planet. There are many stories regarding good health, great inventions, kind deeds and all manner of things pertaining to our well being and Peace on Earth.

I look forward to sharing some of the more interesting items and particularly items of interest focused on repairing our beautiful planet Earth.

Mark Christian Shaw