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Abundant energy is waiting to be discovered when we finally tap into the energy that the rest of the universe use…. An excerpt from:

Live Kryon Channel – New Hampshire – November 1998

We’re going to give you an attribute of the Cosmic Lattice and the energy within it, which is difficult to explain. We’re going to discuss the mechanics of the speed of transmission of energy within the lattice, and we are going to show you how the speed of the Lattice is stellar compared to the slow transmission of light.

This discussion of speed has a metaphor, an analogy that exists on your own planet. Some of you are aware that if you were to take something physical and force it through the water in your ocean, it would be fairly slow going. The water is thick, and offers a medium that requires a great amount of energy to force something through it. Think of the fastest things in your oceans. They would be some of the fast fish, and even some of your mechanical devices [submarines]. But they and their speed, pale in comparison to the speed of giant ocean waves created by the energy of an earthquake.

Many of you are aware that the speed of quake-generated waves in your ocean approaches the speed of sound itself! That’s how fast it goes. Consider how much energy it would take to propel something the size of a mountain at the speed of sound, through your ocean. Many would say it could not be done, yet waves seem to do it easily.

The reason is because a wave is not the transportation of MATTER from one place to another (like a fish or a submarine or the matter in a mountain). The wave is the transportation of ENERGY from one place to another. As you know, the molecules of water bump into one another. One bumps into another, and bumps into another, and the speed of the bumping transmission is very, very fast.

Although the metaphor has its limits as we compare the two, in essence that is exactly what takes place on the lattice on a far, far grander scale. Light is the transportation of matter-photons in space. It might have a wave-like appearance, but its speed is limited due to its mass, and the speed is relatively slow. Similar to a fish or a mechanical device in the water, light is the transportation of matter through a substance. It’s when the lattice cells bump together that they create patterns (waves) due to their bumping, at a speed that is almost instant through billions and billions of light years. Not only is light slow, but it must also penetrate through other matter, not just the emptiness of space. There is dust, gas, and magnetics, all which block and bend it. The transmission of energy from the lattice is clean, fast, and almost instant throughout its vastness. That’s because the energy medium is uniform, and transmits with a system that easily recognizes what is being passed within in (much like the wave does with water molecules). Now we have given you a mechanic attribute of how energy is transmitted in the real universe.