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When I first saw the steeple of Notre Dame collapsing in flames I couldn’t help but think it was a metaphor for our times. Perhaps the burning down of Notre Dame is a metaphor of the burning down of old outdated values that originated with religion and have caused so much misery on this planet.

The riches forthcoming to restore this relic by the corporate merchants and politicians of the Earth is, in my opinion, a clear example of overlooking long-standing human misery in favour of maintaining this sacred symbols of their past power.

As the historic cathedral collapsed in flames to the howls and cries of spectators I wondered where the howls and cries for humanity and the planet are. This fire burned down more than an 800 year old cathedral, it burned down thousands of years of religious and military shame.

Perhaps the rebuilding of Notre Dame may also be a metaphor for the rebuilding of a new era of humanity that will overshadow the horrors of the past.